Recreation FAQ

Looking to learn more about recreational cycling at our Island 200 Indoor Velodrome? Check out some of the frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, ​contact us.

1. I’ve never ridden on a velodrome track before. What should I do?

First off, we recommend you visit us at Island 200. It’s hard to imagine riding at the velodrome before you have actually seen the structure. For a beginner velodorme cyclist , we suggest a beginner clinic at the track. We are creating a consultative clinic to get new riders familiar with all of the velodrome cycling equipment and comfortable with riding on the banking and angles. 

2. What kind of bike do I need in order to ride on the track?

Unfortunately, you cannot use your street bike on the Island 200 track. We only allow indoor racing bikes. These bikes do not have brakes, and they have a single fixed rear gear. This helps to maximize speed and ensure that there are no sudden stops on the track.

3. Do I have to have my own track bike? 

You do not have to own your own bike to ride at our Island 200 Indoor velodrome. We offer bike rental services for members and visitors to the track. 

4. Can I rent all the equipment I will need at Island 200?

We are in the process of determining what training equipment we will provide for rentals; however, it is our goal to be able to provide our Island 200 cyclists with the most complete offering of equipment as possible. Updates to come.

5. I am ready to purchase my own track bike. What steps should I take to ensure I purchase the right one for me?

Once you are ready to make the step to purchase your very own track bike, we recommend a few different steps. Talk to your cycling community peers. What brands and models work for them? Give them a test drive, and feel it out. You can always talk to the track mechanic at Island 200 about specific questions. Track bikes are extremely individual; from size and material to handlebar, chain and pedal specifics, you form your own ride. For a comprehensive guide to purchasing your own track bike, we recommend this source.

6. Are trainers available for new riders?

We recommend looking into our group beginner clinics first, but if you prefer one on one consultative instruction, independent of a group, we do have trained coaches at Island 200. You can view their profiles here.

7. Are there specific shoes that I have to wear when I use the track?

You will want to ride the track with standard indoor cycling shoes. These can be purchased at many local bicycle shops as well as online. You can start here.

8. What kind of clothing would you recommend for riders?

More experienced cyclists will be able to wear most of the same clothing he or she wears when cycling outdoor. For new cyclists, aside from specific track shoes, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Clothing should not be overly loose, as it poses a hazard. 

9. What are the open track hours?

Once we open the track to the public, we will make our open track hours available. 

10. How much is a yearly cyclist pass at Island 200? 

Thanks for your interest. We are still solidifying exact pricing specifications. Check back for updates.