Although the 45 degree banking angles on the track are not for the faint of heart, Island 200 is just as much a recreational venue as it is a racing venue.

New riders of all ages, including aspiring youth cyclists, can find the resources they need to perfect a developing hobby or an emerging passion at the Island 200 track. We only allow fixed-wheel track bikes on the velodrome, itself, but don't let this dissuade you! We will have rental bikes available for those who are not ready to make the investment in his or her own bike. 


Island 200 is shaping out to be a different kind of velodrome. It is your velodrome, meaning you will be able to find services and offerings that fit your own skill level and needs. Is the environment intense? Of course. We want you to compete, even if you are just competing against yourself. However, we are more so focused on the learning, development and improvement of riders of every skill level.  


To find out more about getting involved in the sport of indoor cycling, check out our Recreation FAQ page.