Our Community

The Island 200 Indoor Velodrome is the newest addition to Neville Island.

Located in Allegheny County, just a short drive from the city, the velodrome brings a new community of athletes, adrenaline-junkies, and families looking for a rare entertainment experience to the island.

Neville Island, however, is not new to change. What was once known as the “gem of the Ohio” for its farming-land fertility, rapidly transformed into an industrialized giant during the Industrial Revolution and became known as the “floating factory”.

With the welcoming of the Island 200 Velodrome, 1 of only 2 structures of its kind in the entire nation, Neville Island is once again on the brink of a major transformation.  Leading the recreational revolution on the island is the cycling community from Pittsburgh and beyond.

The velodrome provides a space for a new kind of cycling community – one where all different tiers and divisions of the biking community converge. From loyal biking commuters and avid fitness-bikers to extreme cyclocross-lovers, the Island 200 Velodrome community welcomes every kind of rider.